Monday, June 8, 2009

Kelsey's HS Graduation!

Aidan and I picked up Grandma Lucy in St. George and away we went to see my beautiful cousin Kelsey graduate from Layton High School. GO LANCERS! It was a great visit. :) I love to spend time with my Uncle Mike and his family. We took some lovely walks on the NEW path. We saw a snake one day, and a deer the next. Not to mention, the few yards that had horses. Aidan was in horse heaven.:) Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy made us some really delicious meals and introduced us to an incredible swirl cone from Dick's! lol So good!
Kelsey had both of her Grandma's there. Grandma Shirley ( Nancy's mom) and Grandma Lucy (Mike's mom). It was pretty funny watching them scream and shout her name. They were SO proud. Kelsey is a SMARTY! She received 3 scholarships, and has decided to grace Utah State with her presence.:) lol
Jason is still getting taller and skinnier! He is self teaching himself to play the GEEtar! He is really good. He was banging out some Jason Marz while I was there. Trying to learn some LOVE songs for the ladies! lol
While we were there Mike took us to check out Antelope Island. I must say, I was totally not impressed, due to the STINK! That first stretch of road before you get to the Island has the NASTIEST smell ever!! Apparently, it is caused by Brine Shrimp. GROSS! Aidan held his little nose until the smell finally disappeared. When that finally happened I was quite taken with the Island. It is pretty cool. We saw a few Buffalo. Aidan may dispute this, he called them horses! lol All in all we had a wonderful visit. It is a LONG journey with a 2 year old and a Grandma with a bum leg, but we made it, and most importantly we have wonderful memories.:) I love my family!