Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside...

kept playing in my head all day today. I love that Christmas song. Especially when Will Ferrell sings it in Elf. CLASSIC:) I'm sure I've already watched it 10 times in the last 2 months!Ethan's first midget snowman. I know what your thinking... nice view of Patches' rump! lol I would have cropped it out but then you couldn't see the snowman:)

What a fun day! Ethan did not have school today so we "literally" stayed in our jammie's and just watched and played outside.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in two towns!

This is the Tebbs Thanksgiving held at Grandma's house in St. George, Utah. This is Grandma Lucy and my Aunt Nancy adding the finishing touches to a most delicious meal!
Ethan and cousin Jason hamming it up! Jason grew 4 inches in the last year! At the rate he is growing he could end up being the tallest Tebbs!
This organ has survived ALL the grand and great grandchildren:) Barely! lol

Snuggle time!

Kettle corn from the Santa's workshop craft fair. Yummy!

After a bit of shopping my Mom and Grandma still had enough energy to pose for a picture:)

This is the other half of my family! This would be the Springall/Bailey Thanksgiving!
My Dad and Mom.

This is a game my Dad loves to play with the grandkids. It's call bonk-o-do! Its pretty simple, just touch heads and say bonk-o-do! They love it!

Brent and Shelby!

Dad, Colt, and Eamon.

This is my GORGEOUS sister in-law Jessie! She is Amazing! Jessie is smart, creative, a fantastic mom, a marvelous cook, a great wife, compassionate, charitable, patient, and so on! I'm SO glad she is part of our family!

Charlie was here :)

This is Charlie. She is the daughter of my childhood bestest friend Teresa and Matt. Ethan and Charlie have been friends since the premortal life! hahaha I was able to look after Charlie when she was about 6 weeks old until her mommy was able to come home for good:) The bond between us all started long ago and I'm SO grateful it still continues. We LOVE you Charlie!
Ethan and Charlie at her Baptism. We were SO glad to be apart of her special day! Her family moved to Oregon about 5 years ago, so we only get to see them once or twice a year. It is amazing to me on how well the kids still get along. They always seem to pick up right where they left off. I know they will be friends forever:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight at Midnight...

This is how we began the night. Diet Cokes and brownies swimming in HOT FUDGE! We were on such a sugar high:)
The line outside wrapping around Aliante Casino.

Shannon and Clare keeping it real:) We saw SO many people from church there! It was great!

We made friends in line. These cute teens made fun Twilight shirts:)

Here we are with our Amber eyes, due to the fact that we were quite full! LOL Twilight humor!
Thanks ladies for a great night!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So far this is how we've spent our time during Track break:)

Track break has been good. Although, every morning starts like this:
1. What are we doing today?
2. What are we doing after that?
3. (9:30am) What's for lunch?
4. Can we go to the bookstore?
5. Can we go to the park?
6. (me) ASK ME ONE MORE THING BEFORE 10AM and WE WILL DO AND EAT NOTHING! Please don't worry, I wouldn't really let him go hungry;)

*These photos are from the Springs Preserve. We got together with some friends and enjoyed a morning of playing and eating at Wolfgang Pucks Restaurant.

The train started to make train noises and needless to say, Aidan loved it!

WHO... ARE... YOU? I just typed this in the Caterpillar's voice from Alice in Wonderland! Did you get that?! lol
What a cute guy! Ethan loved that he was wearing good shoes this time so he could climb the rocks and fossil bones.
I have three more weeks to keep this big boy entertained! If anyone has any ideas that would interest an 8 year old boy, please share:)

* Things we have done with no pictures taken:
* walking
* football w/ Sister Manuele (she is pretty good)
* library
* Wii
* chores

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween went down like this.

Ethan went as Indiana Jones! I love his eyes in this picture. Harrison Ford has nothing on this guy! ha ha Ethan was SO funny, he said that having chest hair made him feel awkward! lol Poor kid. Good thing he hasn't learned about puberty yet!
This is Cave Woman Kallie! I wish I would have taken a picture of her way fun parents! Scott was a reggae hippie (i think) and Leana was a bunny (just regular not Heffner style)!
Dr. Jones and his sidekick!

My boys! Aidan refused to wear his whole costume. He was a skunk. He caught on pretty fast to trick-or-treating! As long as he saw candy he wasn't afraid of anyone or anything! I will really have to keep my eye on this one!

Ta DA! Some kind of monster.

It is pretty scarce at the Pumpkin Patch when you go the DAY OF HALLOWEEN! It was still fun and it helped break up the day. We asked Ethan if he wanted to stay all night and wait for "The Great Pumpkin"... he said no!

One last stop...

to the Gap with my buddy Owen. His mommy and daddy made him move to Utah recently. Shopping will be boring now! I miss you buddy:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christmas Goose Apron Class...

was FUN, FUN, FUN! This was my first sewing class. It took 4 1/2 hours! My neck and shoulders are so stiff. It was well worth it. I learned a lot and Sharon, the instructor, was so nice and helpful.
I was able to wear my NEW apron to clean this messy boy up! Somehow, it made this job fun today;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fabric...why do I love thee so?

I can not explain the rush I get from going to Fabric shops! The funny thing is, I really don't even know how to make much! lol This is the center of a baby quilt. I completed it a month ago and I still have yet to decide on the border. Not to mention, if I'm finally going to machine quilt it myself or have my VERY talented friend (who happens to own a long-arm machine) do it;) If anyone has any suggestions on a border, please let me know! I have white fabric, brown fabric, and plenty more of the fabric you are currently viewing.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is there anything Sweeter than a Tomato?

Yes! A Grandma! Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Gordon took us out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes to celebrate Ethan's accomplishments this past school year. This was the only photo I was able to get because my batteries died. They also took Ethan to 2 bookstores and bought him 7 books, which he read in 3 days! He loves to read:)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of 3rd grade!

This is a picture of Ethan and two of his buddies ( Matthew & Jadon) from Second Grade. I was REALLY glad to get this picture because Ethan seemed mortified that I was going to walk him to class. He is ONLY 8! I was totally dressed cute ( I matched) and my hair and make-up were done:) LOL Oh Ethan, you make me laugh! I love you!

Before, After, and doing GREAT!

We took Aidan in for his recheck on Wednesday at 1:00 pm. Although the swelling had gone down, the lump had taken on a new shape and color. As soon as Dr. Weiner saw him he said the swollen gland had abscessed:( He left the room to call the surgeon. He came back and said they are waiting for you. WHAT? ! I checked out and met Marc in the parking lot. He quickly made plans for Ethan (thank you Leanna and Scott) and we headed to Summerlin hospital to meet with Dr. Kugot. She was so kind and explained things so we could understand. She said due to the location and size he would need to be put under and it would need to happen today:( Now the time was 2:55 and we were set up for a 5:oo pm surgery! There was barely time to think. Maybe that was a good thing. Her partner Dr. Fiore ended up preforming the surgery. He is also fantastic! Aidan did great! Because he was otherwise healthy and did so well he thought we could just take him home:)

As soon as we stepped out of the Hospital doors, Aidan became very calm and kept waving, Goodbye that is! What a funny little guy!

He slept thru the night and woke up SO happy! As soon as I set him down he just ran around and danced! He already was clearly feeling SO much better. He literally has been uncomfortable/ in pain for weeks.

We went back to see Dr. Fiore this morning. They called his name and he screamed so loud! He is absolutely done with doctors! Anyhow, he removed the packing and said everything looked great.

We are grateful it was nothing more sinister and very humbled by the other children we saw at the Surgeon's office.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The last 2 1/2 weeks...

have been filled with a bit of worry about our little one. He developed a lump on the side of his neck. We took him in asap to receive the diagnosis of a Upper Respiratory Infection and the lump was explained as a swollen gland. Immediate relief washed over us and we started him on the antibiotic, which would be taken for ten days. Ten days came and went and the golf ball size lump was still there and looked worse. I have to admit, this is where panic set in for me. Marc gave him a blessing and I knew I had to do my part and have faith. Dr. Weiner needed to see him back before his next exam. He confirmed it was larger and said now its time to run blood tests and ultrasound. I nearly cried. We took Aidan down stairs to Quest and Marc and 2 other technicians held Aidan still while they drew blood. Ethan, could barely stand this! He was SO upset hearing his bubba cry. Our prayer was for it to show infection and that all he would need was a new/more antibiotic. My cell phone rang Friday AM, it was the doctor calling to report that it was VERY indicative of a bacterial infection, and he needed a new kind of medicine. Cephalexin 250/5ml 4x a day. No exceptions, he said, we have to be aggressive! HALLELUJAH! He has been on his new medicine for 2 days. Swelling has gone down a bit. If all is looking good by Wednesday then he will not have to have the ultrasound:) Thank you family and friends for your prayers!
This was taken tonight at Grandpa and Grandma Springall's house. The lump has turned red and is warm to the touch. It's weird he feels feverish only on the left side.
Aidan is helping Grandpa with his Seminary lesson.
Aidan is making sure our car alarms work:) And helping Uncle Brent finish his awesome burger that his Daddy made!
This angle really shows how much the swelling went down. I tried to take a picture of his lump a week ago but he would not hold still;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Second Grade Highlights 08-27-07 thru 08-09-08

The finale! Ethan had a wonderful year. He worked really hard to maintain straight A's throughout the whole year. That was his own personal goal. He had the most amazing second grade teacher. Mr. Barney LOVES to help children learn. We were SO grateful Ethan was able to be in his class.
Ethan's first Field Trip to The Springs Preserve! These are the 3 I was in charge of. Piece of cake;)
I'm not sure what "Gang" Ethan joined. I'll have to ask him! I'm hoping it has something to do with CTR and LDS;)
Keyona and Morgan racing to Mother Earth!

Mr. Barney laying down the LAW!
Valentines Day celebration in Mr. Barney's class! One of the few times I was actually able to help out;)

First day of Second Grade!