Thursday, May 12, 2011

i LOVE this.

 It was the perfect overcast day for me to practice my photography.  It just happened to be A's birthday, so even better!  I would actually have an up- to- date photo documenting it.  I called up my sweet friend and invited her to join us out at Tule Springs park.  I was SO sad once we arrived and saw all the tents and supplies still ALL over the park from a previous event they held out there.  I had already envisioned all the photos I wanted to take, and ALL that junk + the take down crew were in my way!  Seriously!  As we ventured further into the park and around the pond, I found some new visions.  I thought to myself, Eureka!  lol  Don't worry, that was short lived.  Neither of my children were in the mood for pictures.  They wanted to just "hang" with their friends.  Oh well, at least I had good company to hang with too.  I did get a few shots.  I LOVE this one.  Even though you can't see their adorable faces, I caught "their" moment.  I'm pretty sure they are secretly IN LOVE.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011