Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of 3rd grade!

This is a picture of Ethan and two of his buddies ( Matthew & Jadon) from Second Grade. I was REALLY glad to get this picture because Ethan seemed mortified that I was going to walk him to class. He is ONLY 8! I was totally dressed cute ( I matched) and my hair and make-up were done:) LOL Oh Ethan, you make me laugh! I love you!

Before, After, and doing GREAT!

We took Aidan in for his recheck on Wednesday at 1:00 pm. Although the swelling had gone down, the lump had taken on a new shape and color. As soon as Dr. Weiner saw him he said the swollen gland had abscessed:( He left the room to call the surgeon. He came back and said they are waiting for you. WHAT? ! I checked out and met Marc in the parking lot. He quickly made plans for Ethan (thank you Leanna and Scott) and we headed to Summerlin hospital to meet with Dr. Kugot. She was so kind and explained things so we could understand. She said due to the location and size he would need to be put under and it would need to happen today:( Now the time was 2:55 and we were set up for a 5:oo pm surgery! There was barely time to think. Maybe that was a good thing. Her partner Dr. Fiore ended up preforming the surgery. He is also fantastic! Aidan did great! Because he was otherwise healthy and did so well he thought we could just take him home:)

As soon as we stepped out of the Hospital doors, Aidan became very calm and kept waving, Goodbye that is! What a funny little guy!

He slept thru the night and woke up SO happy! As soon as I set him down he just ran around and danced! He already was clearly feeling SO much better. He literally has been uncomfortable/ in pain for weeks.

We went back to see Dr. Fiore this morning. They called his name and he screamed so loud! He is absolutely done with doctors! Anyhow, he removed the packing and said everything looked great.

We are grateful it was nothing more sinister and very humbled by the other children we saw at the Surgeon's office.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The last 2 1/2 weeks...

have been filled with a bit of worry about our little one. He developed a lump on the side of his neck. We took him in asap to receive the diagnosis of a Upper Respiratory Infection and the lump was explained as a swollen gland. Immediate relief washed over us and we started him on the antibiotic, which would be taken for ten days. Ten days came and went and the golf ball size lump was still there and looked worse. I have to admit, this is where panic set in for me. Marc gave him a blessing and I knew I had to do my part and have faith. Dr. Weiner needed to see him back before his next exam. He confirmed it was larger and said now its time to run blood tests and ultrasound. I nearly cried. We took Aidan down stairs to Quest and Marc and 2 other technicians held Aidan still while they drew blood. Ethan, could barely stand this! He was SO upset hearing his bubba cry. Our prayer was for it to show infection and that all he would need was a new/more antibiotic. My cell phone rang Friday AM, it was the doctor calling to report that it was VERY indicative of a bacterial infection, and he needed a new kind of medicine. Cephalexin 250/5ml 4x a day. No exceptions, he said, we have to be aggressive! HALLELUJAH! He has been on his new medicine for 2 days. Swelling has gone down a bit. If all is looking good by Wednesday then he will not have to have the ultrasound:) Thank you family and friends for your prayers!
This was taken tonight at Grandpa and Grandma Springall's house. The lump has turned red and is warm to the touch. It's weird he feels feverish only on the left side.
Aidan is helping Grandpa with his Seminary lesson.
Aidan is making sure our car alarms work:) And helping Uncle Brent finish his awesome burger that his Daddy made!
This angle really shows how much the swelling went down. I tried to take a picture of his lump a week ago but he would not hold still;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Second Grade Highlights 08-27-07 thru 08-09-08

The finale! Ethan had a wonderful year. He worked really hard to maintain straight A's throughout the whole year. That was his own personal goal. He had the most amazing second grade teacher. Mr. Barney LOVES to help children learn. We were SO grateful Ethan was able to be in his class.
Ethan's first Field Trip to The Springs Preserve! These are the 3 I was in charge of. Piece of cake;)
I'm not sure what "Gang" Ethan joined. I'll have to ask him! I'm hoping it has something to do with CTR and LDS;)
Keyona and Morgan racing to Mother Earth!

Mr. Barney laying down the LAW!
Valentines Day celebration in Mr. Barney's class! One of the few times I was actually able to help out;)

First day of Second Grade!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girl's Camp came and went...

Chillin' like villians! The theme for this year was, "Abounding in Good Works, Ever Strong, Ever True." Each Ward had to choose a Superhero to emulate. We were Fantastic 4! Basically, we were Fantastic 4 everything! LOL Despite the torrential down pouring for 3 days, I had an incredible time. I'm quite fond of Camp Stimpson, I believe it is a sacred place, at least in my heart. I Love the EE YW! It still brings tears to my eyes on how beautiful these girl's are inside and out. I was completely blown away with their testimonies and how strong they are already! I knew this would be a learning experience for me, I just didn't realize how much that would in tale. I feel I am a better person or at least I will try to be because of the YW Leaders and YW I was able to associate with! I love you guys!

I love to watch the YW reading their scriptures during Grove time.

YEAH! We completed the 3rd year hike! Jessica was my buddy who graciously stopped every time I needed to catch my breath;)

Kim, Elexis, Shiloh, and Jessica striking a pose during the 3rd year hike.

This is Marc and Bishop Stolworthy helping us set up our camp at Camp Stimpson the Saturday before. Although, this is the only picture I took this day, there were others to acknowledge and thank! Sister Pace, Noorda, and Brother Black you made this day so much easier for me, THANK YOU;)

Blow Ethan, blow!

This was Ethan's first Rain Gutter Regatta. He had a great time! Go team Superman!