Monday, March 28, 2011

Listening to my HEART today.

I decided to catch up on my blog reading today.  I'm so glad I did because I was able to read this message from Kristin Armstrong's Blog (she received this enlightenment from a yoga instructor after a 20 mile run preparing for "The Boston") -

"It's time to start listening to your heart. Most of the time we listen to our heads. That's where all the noise and chatter reside. The heart speaks in a quiet whisper, yet it says the things we most need to hear. It's time to start getting quiet, and practice listening for the still, small voice of the heart. What is your heart saying to you?"

My heart tells me I can run, its always my head that messes me up.  I needed this today.  Ever since the  Pancreatic Cancer 5k run for my mom I have been on a running hiatus.  I'm sure its where I'm at in this whole dang grieving process.  It totally stinks to have to grieve when she is still here, especially when you find yourself conquering some of those levels of grief,  just to realize when she is gone you will be going through them all again.  Running has been the best medicine for me, hence why I need to get back at it!  So here I come open roads, or treadmill! lol Turning off my head and just listening to the HEART today, along with praying that mom will be ok at chemo today.  Chemo weeks are such a love/hate thing with me.