Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aidan went as...

AIDAN! He is my favorite STINKER! He is quite true to himself. On Halloween we were able to get him to wear his skunk hat for about 15 minutes. He is quite funny to watch. He is SO little, but he struts when he walks. He means business. He went with 9 year old children trick or treating, and besides the height factor, you would have no idea he wasn't 9! :)

Cupcakes for the partay!

Yes, I made these bad boys! LOL Red velvet cupcakes. I SO wanted to look for severed legs and arms to garnish them with , but alas, I remembered these were for little tater tots. Probably too gruesome. So, as you can see I went with candy corn kisses. :)

Ethan as Blue Man.

He said this has been his MOST favorite costume yet! Success!

Outdoor Trunk or Treating.

Pretty much speaks for itself. Fun night. Happy Halloween!

The indoor games and chili cook off...

were amazing! A HUGE personal thanks to Sista Meeks. She is awesome!
There was a cupcake walk, a haunted nursery room, and another fun game room. We had about 30 different chili's to try along with some pretty tasty cornbread, Yummy. After all this, it was time to move outside and start Trunk or Treating. Fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-Halloween fun with the EE playgroup.

Delicious food, fun crafts, AND hanging with some of the best ladies I know! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


I can NOT believe the workout I get from this class! Mommy and me is rough! LOL My poor friend Nicole is 7 months pregnant, and I'm sure her unborn child is NOT a fan of mommy and me gymnastics! His big sister has loads of energy. It is SO funny to watch myself and the other parents be completely exhausted, and sweaty after this class. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Life is Good.

Whenever we go see Grandma Lucy, life is good. :) This was just another spur of the moment trip (about a month ago) to check in on Grandma. She is looking good for 79! I love Aidan's stoned face in this photo! After our visit we headed over to The Pizza Factory! So yummy! This is where we took these fun photos on the "Life is Good" fire engine. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I went from this...

Awesome Assistant Bear Leader!

to THIS...

in the matter of 2 weeks. A BLUR! I WAS the Assistant Bear Leader for 2 months. I LOVED that calling! Only to have it ripped away from me like an old bandaid on a hairy arm. :( My heart is screaming OUCH! I am NOW the Second Counselor in the Primary! DOUBLE OUCH! I really DO love these little ones, BUT I have INTENSE fears of public speaking and teaching. I KNOW I DO not need to be a master of that skill to have this calling, but Oh, how I wish I did. I went from 2 things on the calendar for this month to 7!! I think I have taken Ethan's leaders for granted ALL of these years. :( My month to do sharing time is fastly approaching. It needs to be on Service. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I conduct this month. I did pretty good in Junior, but BOMBED senior! LOL I guess announcements shouldn't take 10 minutes! Yikes! LOL Good news is everyone survived, even me, and the Church is still TRUE. :)

J's Birthday at Brio...

was DEElicious! This was a really fun night. I LOVE hanging out with J (my beautiful sister in-law) and our mom's. I wish we lived closer! I meant to ask the waiter to take a picture of all of us. Oh well, there will be next year. :)

Nothing beats falling asleep with a good book.

This is how I found Aidan when I went in to wake him up from his nap. We have a small little table between the bed and his crib. I guess that is where Ethan has been laying his scriptures to rest. Aidan must have slipped his skinny little arm through the bars and picked up some light reading before he fell asleep. :) How funny and sweet. Too bad he can't read yet!

Friday, October 16, 2009

After this picture was taken a worker from Cafe Rio came over and kindly said we were not allowed to take pictures in the restaurant. So weird! There were others who showed up to this, but I could no longer photo document this event. :( Jason (the lawyer) said I should keep taking pictures. After all, what could they do, SUE me! LOL

Foulgers in town + Cafe Rio = GOOD TIMES!

Bird. THE END.

Mommy NO! :)

Friends. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A day of fun at the Orchard with some awesome friends. The pumpkins were pretty picked over, but we still managed to have fun with taking pictures and buying fresh cider.

October Pack Mtg.

Lots of awards this Pack Meeting. It was great to see SO many boys working hard!
The theme for this Pack Meeting was, "Jungle Safari." Brother Jensen became the resurrected Crocodile Hunter. He had the boys in stitches! What a fun night. :)
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Fall,

I have been waiting patiently. I'm so glad you finally arrived. I LOVE you.



Monday, September 14, 2009

An Unfortunate Event.

For the last 6 months I have been taking pictures of different plants blooming in my yard. A few weeks ago our hard drive crashed! :( I lost everything. Luckily, I had not deleted this one from my camera. I LOVE this one. It always makes me feel happy when I see it. MORAL of this story....BACKUP your FILES!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kelsey's HS Graduation!

Aidan and I picked up Grandma Lucy in St. George and away we went to see my beautiful cousin Kelsey graduate from Layton High School. GO LANCERS! It was a great visit. :) I love to spend time with my Uncle Mike and his family. We took some lovely walks on the NEW path. We saw a snake one day, and a deer the next. Not to mention, the few yards that had horses. Aidan was in horse heaven.:) Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy made us some really delicious meals and introduced us to an incredible swirl cone from Dick's! lol So good!
Kelsey had both of her Grandma's there. Grandma Shirley ( Nancy's mom) and Grandma Lucy (Mike's mom). It was pretty funny watching them scream and shout her name. They were SO proud. Kelsey is a SMARTY! She received 3 scholarships, and has decided to grace Utah State with her presence.:) lol
Jason is still getting taller and skinnier! He is self teaching himself to play the GEEtar! He is really good. He was banging out some Jason Marz while I was there. Trying to learn some LOVE songs for the ladies! lol
While we were there Mike took us to check out Antelope Island. I must say, I was totally not impressed, due to the STINK! That first stretch of road before you get to the Island has the NASTIEST smell ever!! Apparently, it is caused by Brine Shrimp. GROSS! Aidan held his little nose until the smell finally disappeared. When that finally happened I was quite taken with the Island. It is pretty cool. We saw a few Buffalo. Aidan may dispute this, he called them horses! lol All in all we had a wonderful visit. It is a LONG journey with a 2 year old and a Grandma with a bum leg, but we made it, and most importantly we have wonderful memories.:) I love my family!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A visit to Brent and Grandma Lucy

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Brent had to have a surgery on his foot. He had this weird looking lump near his ankle. Almost like he had 2 ankles! Gross. It ended up being a cyst. Still gross! lol Unfortunately, due to this procedure he missed most of the Indoor track meets. We headed to SUU to cheer him up and make sure he was taking it easy. On the way home we stopped in to spend some time with Grandma Lucy. Marc always tries to do what he can for her around the house. This time it was the removal of a palm tree! He is so glad to do things for her. You forget how much work goes into a home, especially, when you are alone and not able to do too many things yourself. She is an AMAZING woman, and I LOVE her SO much.:)

More fun with Bill...

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before he headed off to school. We let him settle for a day and then requested he cook us his famous hamburgers. They are SO good. While he was busy cooking, my Dad was busy entertaining the grandkids. So far, he has only 1 granddaughter, Princess Shelby. We pretty much will do anything to entertain her.:) We are SO used to boys that it has been fun to switch gears. Needless to say, this is why Grandpa is wearing Grandma's pj's. They were pretending to be Grandma and knit. lol The other pictures are from a family dinner hosted by Bill and Liz. It was fun!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Home from Chile.

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What an exciting day this was! Bill left 2 years ago in January to serve his mission for the LDS church in Santiago, Chile. At the time of his departure I was 7 months pregnant and a emotional mess. :( Of course, I knew this was what he needed to do, but at the time, I was more concerned about being away from him for SO long. I know, selfish. I LOVE my brother's, what can I say.:) He is home now ladies! LOL My parents will NOT appreciate that line.! LOL He was home for barely a week and then headed off to join Brent (my other brother) at school. Thank goodness he is not too far and has been able to come home for a few visits. PS He LOVED his mission and the Chilean people will always hold a special place in his heart.:)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christmas in May?!

Posted by PicasaI've been so behind in blogging! This is officially the last of '08 events:)
We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Our tradition starts Christmas Eve when we head over to my Mom's for a nice dinner and presents for the kids. We were happy when Grandma Lucy decided she could make the trip and join us. Then on Christmas Day after we open our gifts, we head over to my Dad's for a yummy breakfast! We look forward to that breakfast ALL year long:) Why is breakfast SO good?! lol This year we headed over to Bill and Liz's ( my step Grandparents) house for Christmas dinner. We ate delicious tamales from Dona Maria's:) Needless to say, we ate very well in a 24 hour span! We had a couple of days to relax at home, and then we headed to Utah to celebrate New Years with the Dudley's:) Nearly, all of my pictures document the Utah trip! Good ol' Santa gave me a new camera (the one of my dreams) and I was too overwhelmed with trying to figure it out ( I wanted to be professional from the first shot) . So, I unfortunately missed most of Christmas. Not smart, I realize this now.