Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight at Midnight...

This is how we began the night. Diet Cokes and brownies swimming in HOT FUDGE! We were on such a sugar high:)
The line outside wrapping around Aliante Casino.

Shannon and Clare keeping it real:) We saw SO many people from church there! It was great!

We made friends in line. These cute teens made fun Twilight shirts:)

Here we are with our Amber eyes, due to the fact that we were quite full! LOL Twilight humor!
Thanks ladies for a great night!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So far this is how we've spent our time during Track break:)

Track break has been good. Although, every morning starts like this:
1. What are we doing today?
2. What are we doing after that?
3. (9:30am) What's for lunch?
4. Can we go to the bookstore?
5. Can we go to the park?
6. (me) ASK ME ONE MORE THING BEFORE 10AM and WE WILL DO AND EAT NOTHING! Please don't worry, I wouldn't really let him go hungry;)

*These photos are from the Springs Preserve. We got together with some friends and enjoyed a morning of playing and eating at Wolfgang Pucks Restaurant.

The train started to make train noises and needless to say, Aidan loved it!

WHO... ARE... YOU? I just typed this in the Caterpillar's voice from Alice in Wonderland! Did you get that?! lol
What a cute guy! Ethan loved that he was wearing good shoes this time so he could climb the rocks and fossil bones.
I have three more weeks to keep this big boy entertained! If anyone has any ideas that would interest an 8 year old boy, please share:)

* Things we have done with no pictures taken:
* walking
* football w/ Sister Manuele (she is pretty good)
* library
* Wii
* chores

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween went down like this.

Ethan went as Indiana Jones! I love his eyes in this picture. Harrison Ford has nothing on this guy! ha ha Ethan was SO funny, he said that having chest hair made him feel awkward! lol Poor kid. Good thing he hasn't learned about puberty yet!
This is Cave Woman Kallie! I wish I would have taken a picture of her way fun parents! Scott was a reggae hippie (i think) and Leana was a bunny (just regular not Heffner style)!
Dr. Jones and his sidekick!

My boys! Aidan refused to wear his whole costume. He was a skunk. He caught on pretty fast to trick-or-treating! As long as he saw candy he wasn't afraid of anyone or anything! I will really have to keep my eye on this one!

Ta DA! Some kind of monster.

It is pretty scarce at the Pumpkin Patch when you go the DAY OF HALLOWEEN! It was still fun and it helped break up the day. We asked Ethan if he wanted to stay all night and wait for "The Great Pumpkin"... he said no!

One last stop...

to the Gap with my buddy Owen. His mommy and daddy made him move to Utah recently. Shopping will be boring now! I miss you buddy:)