Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A visit to Brent and Grandma Lucy

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Brent had to have a surgery on his foot. He had this weird looking lump near his ankle. Almost like he had 2 ankles! Gross. It ended up being a cyst. Still gross! lol Unfortunately, due to this procedure he missed most of the Indoor track meets. We headed to SUU to cheer him up and make sure he was taking it easy. On the way home we stopped in to spend some time with Grandma Lucy. Marc always tries to do what he can for her around the house. This time it was the removal of a palm tree! He is so glad to do things for her. You forget how much work goes into a home, especially, when you are alone and not able to do too many things yourself. She is an AMAZING woman, and I LOVE her SO much.:)

More fun with Bill...

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before he headed off to school. We let him settle for a day and then requested he cook us his famous hamburgers. They are SO good. While he was busy cooking, my Dad was busy entertaining the grandkids. So far, he has only 1 granddaughter, Princess Shelby. We pretty much will do anything to entertain her.:) We are SO used to boys that it has been fun to switch gears. Needless to say, this is why Grandpa is wearing Grandma's pj's. They were pretending to be Grandma and knit. lol The other pictures are from a family dinner hosted by Bill and Liz. It was fun!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Home from Chile.

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What an exciting day this was! Bill left 2 years ago in January to serve his mission for the LDS church in Santiago, Chile. At the time of his departure I was 7 months pregnant and a emotional mess. :( Of course, I knew this was what he needed to do, but at the time, I was more concerned about being away from him for SO long. I know, selfish. I LOVE my brother's, what can I say.:) He is home now ladies! LOL My parents will NOT appreciate that line.! LOL He was home for barely a week and then headed off to join Brent (my other brother) at school. Thank goodness he is not too far and has been able to come home for a few visits. PS He LOVED his mission and the Chilean people will always hold a special place in his heart.:)