Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The start of a great November!

One day I will keep this BLOG up to date! Anyhoo, here is how WE spent my birthday and Anniversary this past November!
It started off with a little Neiman Marcus bag from my brother and SIL. Bobby Brown cosmetics! Needles to say, she is awesome! :)
Then Marc and I dropped off our dudes to the Grandparents and away we went! It was WONDERFUL! AND, now we know we can leave the dudes behind from time to time. Sidenote: we thought it was hilarious that we chose Disneyland, well, mostly I chose Dland. Marc would have rather gone to Hawaii, but I'm not bathing suit ready! lol When we checked into the Dland Hotel, and they realized it was our anniversary they felt so bad they no longer had King size beds! LOL They kept explaining to us that this is more of a "family hotel" and therefore the don't have as many. We didn't care nor ask, BUT it was hilarious how bad they felt and their explanation! LOL We have been married for 14 years!!! 2 beds is a treat! hahahaha
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We were also able to take in a hockey game! That was my first NHL game! It was AWESOME! :)


The Foulgers said...

She lives!!! I remember when Jason and I went to Disneyland without the kids a few years back for our anniversary, it was heaven! How funny about the bed situation, hopefully you enjoyed your own beds!:)
I hope this is a new tend for you to update your blog, I miss you. We'll be coming into town on Saturday the 24th, hopefully I can catch up with you.

anna banana said...

I want to go to Disneyland with no kids, that is like a dream! Glad you had a great birthday!